Probation officers fired after ‘XBox killings’

Probation officers fired after ‘XBox killings’

So the ring-leader beat up a friend of his a few days before the killings, his probation officer knew about it, could have had him back in jail but didn’t bother to file the paperwork on time, it seems… yet they still call them “XBox Killings.”

Why not “Probation Officer Killings?”

At least the next story, telling that the judge has these psychos in jail with no bond, left the game system out of the title Judge denies slaying suspects bond but the link to the article on other CNN pages says Bond denied in ‘XBox killings’.

Funniest line I read all day: The father of one of the vile creatures that murdered these sleeping people says of his spawn “He was a good kid, he just got with the wrong crowd.”

No, I’m sorry pal. No one that joined in on this kind of pyschotic, evil behavior could be in any way construed as “a good kid” and I have to wonder what kind of man raises such a son…