And still more on the ‘Manhunt Murder’

More data, nothing really stunning, but still.

Police reject game link to murder UK police say that robbery was the motive for the killing, not the game.

They added: “We can confirm the game was not found in Warren Leblanc’s room, it was found in Stefan Pakeerah’s room.”

ELSPA ISSUES OPEN LETTER TO HOME SECRETARY ELSPA looks to be the British equivalent of the Entertainment Software Association in the US.

Manhunt Lawyer Speaks He sounds slightly less like a ranting loon this time out. But only slightly.

The funny thing is, in many ways I agree with this guy. I do think its important to keep M rated games out of the hands of kids. But ranting and raving like he does isn’t going to convince anyway. This is an issue that only time, I think, will take care of. Its a lot harder for a kid to get ahold of a XXX video (hard copy…let’s leave the ‘net out of this for now) or a bottle of scotch than it is for him/her to get ahold of an M rated game. But as today’s gamer generation matures and understands the issues, I think this problem will fade away.