More on the ‘Manhunt Murder’

Remember the story from a day or three ago about the kid who murdered his friend with a hammer? The media claimed it was because he was obsessed with the videogame Manhunt.

Well here’s a fun twist. MCV is claiming that it was the victim who owned the game, not the killer. Oopsie! Maybe the kid begged his friend to bludgeon him with a hammer because he wanted to be just like a Manhunt victim. Or not…

New twist in Manhunt controversy

But it gets jucier (thanks to Slashdot for spreading this link around):
Florida Attorney on Manhunt for Rockstar

This Jack Thompson comes across as a nut-job in this interview:

GD: You are going to target Rockstar North?

Thompson: Not just Rockstar, another target will be Sony. The tie-in between Rockstar and Sony is rather firmly established.

GD: What is the ultimate goal here?

Thompson: To destroy Rockstar.

GD: What does that mean in terms of…

Thompson: (cutting in) So they don’t exist anymore.


GD: You don’t see any other way, such as the ESRB jacking up their ratings?

Thompson: They are a joke. They are a deceptive joke. Doug Lowenstein makes Saddam Hussein look like a post-reformed Pinocchio. [emphasis mine -dc] He will say anything to protect the industry and his annual salary. It doesn’t matter what they say or do anymore. So, you destroy people and their institutions who have such a track record of not caring about human life and who will lie through their teeth to protect their P&L statement.

GD: Thanks for your time Mr. Thompson and good luck in your struggle.

Thompson: Thanks. We don’t need luck. The vectors are locked in, these people are dead meat.

Sounds like Mr. Anderson has been staying up late playing Doom 3 to me…

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  1. I don’t know if you like, but they ran an interview with Thompson as well, and there’s a nice nasty gram from some college student in the mailbag section.

  2. Thanks Anonymous. Folks, click on Anonymous’s name to link to the page, then look for the letter titled “Open Letter to Mr. Jack Thompson”. Good stuff indeed!

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