Geek Heaven!!!

Oh man, am I ever in heaven! I just installed my Airport Express wireless station. Now, I’ve been using a wireless network at home for years…couldn’t live without one.

But this..this is special! The unit is about the size of the ‘power block’ for Mac laptops. It has 3 ports on it. One for an ethernet cable (from your wired network, cable modem or whatever), a USB port to support wireless connectivity to a USB printer, and an audio out.

Audio? Oh yeah! With software they’re calling AirTunes, I hooked the Airport Express up to my home theater unit (using a mini-jack < -> toslink cable…you can use basic RCA jacks too). Now I’m sitting on the couch across the room, playing iTunes on my iBook, but directing the output through my home theater system.

It ROCKS! No more digging out the CD I want to hear, putting away whatever is in the player, and all that mucking about. Instead just fire up iTunes, find the song(s) I want to play and off we go!!

Setup was easy to the point of triviality. Everything worked like a dream. I’m stoked!