When Life Is a Roll of the Dice

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I had to chuckle at this piece, which is about a woman’s ‘addiction’ to online backgammon. It all reads so good naturedly, and she makes it sound so nice.

Now if instead the times ran a piece on someone who playing Everquest compulsively, it’d be all about how harmful the game is, and how geeky and dysfunctional the players are.


Well, I’ll look at it from a glass-half-full perspective. It is nice to read a generally positive article on online gaming in the mainstream press.

One thought on “When Life Is a Roll of the Dice

  1. hello! i came across your site from the cafelog ‘recently updated’ section.

    the last gaming article i remember reading concerned a korean starcraft player who simply keeled over and died on the spot after playing the game for an ungodly amount of time (70 odd hours?).

    anyway, your site is fresh and interesting, i’ll definitely drop by again. good work!

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