God of War

Been a while since I added anything to the gaming watchlist, but I’m starting to look beyond World of Warcraft for gaming entertainment for the first time in ages.

God of War is an upcoming (way upcoming…a 2005 release planed) PS2 game that brings kind of a new twist to platforming. Its much darker than most platformers, for one thing, and it also lets the player choose a fighting style on the fly. You can play it as a straightfoward fighting platformer, or lean more towards being a magic user (ranged attacks) or you can take almost a puzzle-based approach to the fighting, sort of like the combat in Gladius.

Well, its still a long way off but here’re a couple of preview to whet your appetite:
God of War E3 Preview from Gamespy
God of War ‘Hands On’ E3 preview from IGN