Gillain’s Journal – Day 5

Darkshore was starting to get to me. Too many bears, not enough taverns. So I boarded ship and headed back to Menethil Harbor, and from there a gryphon ride had me back in the Loch in time for lunch. Much faster than the trip out!

I spent most of my day idling. I cooked a bit, worked on my leathercraft and spoke to friends. When I ran out of leather I swam out to one of the islands in the Loch to hunt crocollisks. These are much smaller than the ones that live in the Wetlands and their skin makes good armor. While I was out there, I thinned out a tribe of Troggs for the Mountaineers, too.

I was swimming back to the mainland, thinking all was well, when a huge amphibious creature attacked me! I barely got a look at it since I was swimming to save my life. I don’t know what it is…but something besides fish and crocs is living in that Loch. Luckily, that something seems not inclined to come ashore.

While speaking to the dwarves who run things, I heard about a cave of Ogres that are causing trouble. I’ll have to find some friends to put that to rights, though. What I could help with was a dynamite shipment. A pair of stout fellows had headed to the quarry already, and I was urged to catch up to them.

Good that I did, too, since as I ran up I saw the two were under attack from a band of thugs. They hadn’t counted on reinforcements in the form of a rogue who’s getting tired of seeing people being bullied. Trapped between myself and the dwarves defending their cargo, we made short work of them. But the wagon was ruined. One of the dwarves set out carrying the barrels of gunpowder, and they asked if I might tag along to see that it got there.

It did, but the fellow was muttering something fierce, all in dwarvish so I have no idea what it was he said. All I know is, the gunpowder arrived safely and that was the end of my job there.

The rest of the day was fairly unfocused. There’re some Trogg leaders that need to be put down, but I couldn’t find them and the cave where they were supposed to dwell was already crowded with other adventurers searching for the pair. I decided I could do more good elsewhere, so headed back to Thelsamar for the evening.

I’m not sure where next to go. Dwarves haven’t much for me to do now; least of all, not things I can do on me own. I’ll head back to Stormwind, I expect. See what the state of affairs is there.

First time I’ve felt so…unfocused.