World of Warcraft

Lack of posts is due to the beta of World of Warcraft. Although I was also in the alpha, the secrecy surrounding it meant that I didn’t play it as much. Not sure exactly how that works, but I guess I enjoy gassing on about the games I play so much that when I can’t talk about them, they aren’t as fun.

Anyway, here’s my review of World of Warcraft


The alpha was exceptionally stable. The beta is a bit rockier, but still better than many released MMRPGs. Its a great world to play in, combat systems are fun and interesting and crafting is fun.

In fact, I’m thinking of doing a ‘beta journal’ for one of my characters.

One thought on “World of Warcraft

  1. Please, please strongly consider the beta journal idea either here or at the pub. Would
    love to hear more about the game “from the inside” as it were. 🙂

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