So it snowed in December. A nice healthy storm. Then hardly a flake after that though the winter was so cold that in February some of that snow still lingered.

Now tomorrow, the Ides of March. Time for crocuses to peep out of the earth and early birds to be twittering around getting ready for nesting right?


If you haven’t heard, the Northeast is supposed to get
a significant amount of SNOW tomorrow!!!

What is up with that!!??

3 thoughts on “Springtime!…?

  1. That’s just wrong, man. You should be getting lillies from the sky and buds on trees starting to bloom. What’s up with snow….

  2. Wow, our crocus is already come and gone, daffodils and cherry trees in high bloom, tulips just inches away from their turn! Not to mention the pansies and primroses… Oh! And the swans are in the valley!

    Ready to move yet? 🙂

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