Desert Rats vs Afrika Corps

This one just appeared on my radar, though its going to release this month. Its a RTS game that takes place in North Africa during WWII (you probably guessed that from the title, eh?). But it sounds like it’ll have a bit of a wargame ‘feel’ to it. No resource management, the troops and equipment you start with are what you have to complete the mission with, and it uses ‘accurate’ weapons and such. Plus it allows giving orders with the game paused, so it won’t be a twich game as so many RTS’s are.

Couple of previews for you:
at Gamespy
at Gamespot

Update 3/6: I just saw a segment on the game on the atrocious X-Play on TechTV. (The show is best watched with the sound off since the hosts act like total morons.) Anyway, the game looks amazing. Not that good graphics are everything…but they sure don’t hurt!