Nintendo DS details begin to emerge

CNNMoney today published an article on the upcoming Nintendo DS handheld system (Nintendo DS details begin to emerge – Mar. 3, 2004). You’ll recall this is the handheld with two 3 inch LCD screens.

According to an analyst’s report, they’ve managed to cram a 2 hour movie onto a 128 meg flash cartridge and played it back on the DS. The speculation is that Nintendo is going to broaden the range of applications for the gizmo beyond gaming and into multimedia entertainment and…well why am I yammering? It’s all in the article.

This is a neat battle shaping up though, with the recently delayed Sony PSP in one corner, and the Nintendo DS in the other. Wouldn’t it be great if MS surprised us with a handheld at E3? It could be a modified PDA in the same way the XBox is basically a modified PC.