Everything or Nothing

So I’m watching this week’s Pulse and they have a bit on the new James Bond game (James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing). And I’d heard they got the stars to do the voices and all that, but it never really clicked with me until I saw them in action.

I mean, its quite a cast!
Pierce Brosnan as Bond
John Cleese as Q
Dame Judi Dench as M
Wilem Dafoe as Nikolai Diavolo

Plus people I’ve never heard of, but I guess are Somebody
Heidi Klum as Dr. Katya Nadanova (a definite Bond Girl)
Shannon Elizabeth as Serena St. Germaine (ditto)
Mya as Agent Mya Sterling (ditto again, and she also sings the theme song)

Not shown in the piece but listed on the website are:
Misato Ito as Miss Nagai (what? Another Bond Girl?)
and of course,
Richard Kiel, as Jaws (does he talk? I thought he just bit)

Suddenly I really want to play this game!