When I first started writing this blog, I never got any comments posted. I sorta got used to that idea and frankly, stopped checking.

But now I have two orders of business regarding comments.

First, for you folk who’ve taken the time to leave a comment, I’d like to say thank you, and to apologize for taking so long to acknowledge your efforts. It’s a real thrill to see that there are people reading the blog!

Second, you may have noticed a good bit of “spam” comments showing up. The damned spammers ruin everything they touch, don’t they? While I can go in by hand and delete them, its a bit time consuming with b2. The problem is that they don’t just show up on recent posts, but apparently they’re stuck in via some kind of script or something.

I could turn off comments altogether, but that’s kind of giving in to the spammers. I could require ‘registering’ to post a comment, but that really is asking a lot of a person. Someone must have a solution to this problem; I just need to do a bit of research.

If anyone reading this has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

And please accept my apologies for any offensive spam comments you might come across in this blog.