Ultima X: Odyssey

Back when Ultima Online first came out, I got absolutely lost in the game. For 6 months or so, real life all but ceased to exist for me. How I didn’t get fired from my job, or dumped by my girlfriend, I still don’t know. I was blissfully, gleefully addicted.

So now, six years later, Origins is getting Ultima X: Odyssey ready for launch in (as of now) Winter 2004. This is a much different game: it uses the Unreal engine (and so is 3D rather than the top down ‘pseudo-3D of UO), and claims to have fast paced combat. No crafting or housing, at least on release. How could I not put such a game on my watchlist!?

I’m intensely curious about the combat. I mean, are we talking Diablo? Or just lots of styles, spells and special attacks? Time will tell, I suppose.

Anyway, here’s some linkage about the game:
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IGN Preview from August 25th.
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