I’ve been an listener for a while now…I’ve had fairly good luck with the service, but any good will they’ve build over the months just went down the toilet.

The membership gives you 2 books/month on a ‘use them or lose them’ plan. I was falling behind so I decided to cancel my account, figuring I’d pick it up again in a month or two.

That’s when I discovered that, while you can sign up over the web, you have to call them to cancel. And when you do, you’ll find yourself in voice mail hell. 25 minutes I waited on hold, finally got someone on the line, said I wanted to cancel. Woman rattled off something I didn’t understand and transferred me back into the hold queue. Another 15 minutes of waiting and I finally got someone who could take care of cancelling my account.

Crap customer server = Two Thumbs Down for I urge you to avoid them.