Weekend wrap-up

In gaming: I finished Brute Force on Sunday. Very entertaining game. Pretty much straight action; no cut scenes to speak of and a very thin storyline. But still fun. Also got back into EverQuest in a semi-serious way. Had a couple of evenings with a good group of friends that was quite fun, but the solo game is still a bit slow for my tastes. Plus physical ailments make long stretches of gaming on the PC painful these days. Lastly, played more EVE: The Second Genesis. That warrants its own post, I think.

In video: Watched the second disc of Saiyuki. This series continues to grow on me; I really enjoy the bold style of the artwork and the ‘camera work’ that bridges the gap between graphic novel panels and film. Sadly, disc 3 won’t be out until the end of July. Also watched a couple of Tivo’d episodes of the new The Twilight Zone series. Kindof a mixed bag so far. I’ll watch a few more before I decide whether it warrants a season pass or not. Oh, and I saw a great episode of Robot Wars, my current guilty pleasure.