Weekend recap

So, Memorial Day Weekend ended up being 3 days of pouring rain. Hooya!

Well, on the bright side I had no big plans anyway, and it did give me the chance for some hardcore media viewing. Over the course of the weekend I watched A Beautiful Mind, Donnie Darko, Metropolis (an anime film, not the old classic), The Fellowship of the Ring (extended version, natch) and the anime tv series Dual: Parallel World Adventure. Whew! No wonder my eyes are tired.

In and around that, I went through a compressed MMO cycle with Planetside. I have several phases I go through whenever I get into an MMO. First I obsess about it. During this phase I can think of nothing else and I orient my life around maximum playing time. Once that intial intensity burns out, I go into my mainstream phase where I just play and enjoy the game like a normal person. Lastly, I go into disgruntled phase where I’m no longer truly enjoying the game but I still play out of habit or out of the hope that I’ll have one more grand adventure.

Generally this cycle takes 3-6 months for me to work through. With Planetside it took about a week, most of it compressed into this past rainy weekend. I’m truly hoping that it was just a glitch in the system and that the next game will last me 3-6 months again.

And its still gloomy and rainy. Everything is starting to stink of mildew and damp. And the more it rains, the more I want to go home and pull the covers over my head for a week. Except its too warm for that, isn’t it? Heh. And I have “The Most Boring Conference of All Time” to attend this week (OSCOM: Open Source Content Management). Yippee!