Console price drop?

Overheard at a local EB: talk of a $50 price cut for game consoles at E3 next week. Can you imagine? $150 for a PS2 or an XBox, and $100 for a Gamecube? Sweet!

If the rumor is true, I’d love to know who is driving the cuts. Sony seems mighty comfortable in first place, so I see no competitive reason for them to make a cut. MS is bleeding red ink every time it sells an XBox now and it seems like a price cut would be a real economic hardship for them. So maybe Nintendo? It’s in 3rd place and struggling…but you can really imagine Gamecube sales picking up when the little boxes are only $100. But then the question becomes, would MS and Sony bother following Nintendo down right away?

Eh, it’ll probably be just a rumor, but it was a store manager talking in a corner to one of his clerks. Good thing I have keen ears!