Dragon Empires

The latest Dragon Empires Newsletter just hit my in-box, and there’s been a big change to the game. They’ve opted to implement a class system! This is a real shame, in my opinion. I love the freedom that skill bases character systems give.

They do have their reasons, though:

Firstly, in considering a classless system we decided it would be too easy with our skills system (a total of 30 skills split between primary and secondary categories) to have players produce ineffective ‘gimped’ characters. Looking at the problem we saw we could stop that by heavily limiting player choice or through slowing progression so most character choices were made late when the player was more experienced. Neither of those options particularly appealed to us as they clearly have drawbacks.

The second problem was we felt players would tend towards a best-fit skills template, so called ‘min-maxing’ that would see maybe 3 or 4 different types of characters dominate with many skills and character templates left ignored. The only way of avoiding this would be through the finest balancing of skills to ensure all skills were totally equal and as we know this is almost impossible!

So instead we have devised a system whereby your character chooses a class which provides you with a selection of skills you can chose to level to varying degrees. Which skills (of three) you chose as a primary (you get the others as back-ups as your character develops) and to what rank you take each of the secondary skills is up to you, providing you with your own unique character while still having a character of a certain style.

Follow the more link for the full (tentative) list of classes

Class descriptions

An attack magician who also can use magical bows, the scholar is able to lead from the front and can use conjuring or necromantic curses. The scholar mixes a wide range of magical styles into one potent package.

Skilled with one handed and thrown weapons as well as enhancement magic, the healer is a specialist in healing, curing and reanimating the dead. The healer is a perfect addition to any team needing backup!

Use of magical bows comes naturally to this class as do powerful magical enhancements and curses. The enchanter is an excellent support caster!

Night Mage
The night mage specialises in deception and is capable with throwing weapons and illusionary magics. The Night Mage can also use simple healing spells when required and makes an excellent support or stand alone class.

The Skirmisher’s skill with both normal and magical bows makes them strong at range against single targets or groups. At the same time their vision enhancement, leadership and shield skills make them important to any battle group.

A good fighter capable of using a variety of melee weapons while also having enhancement and some healing skill. The disciple can fight as ably as most and has magical abilities useful to the whole group.

Capable of fighting in close or using thrown weapons, the Raider can inspire their team with their leadership skill and calls to battle. The Raider’s group enhancements make them a powerful addition to any team.

The duellist can fight both up close and at range and is also excellent with a shield. The duellist provides a strong first-strike ability with the great melee survivability to Dragonbloods.

The Hunter prefers to keep their foe safely at range preferring the use of thrown weapons and bows. Should the Hunter need to get close their rouse skill and ability to curse always keeps their enemies on the defensive.

All close combat weapons are favoured by this class with additional leadership and shield skills providing them with a further close combat edge. The Gladiator is a powerful front line fighter of the Dragonbloods.

Able to deal damage, summon, conjure, curse and cast enhancements, the Conjurer is an excellent support caster with well rounded abilities, an asset to any group.

Shadow Warrior
Adept with one handed weapons and bows, the Shadow Warrior can also use illusion and enchantments to deceive their foe while using leadership to inspire their team. The Shadow Warrior is the strongest fighter of the Shadow classes.

Shadow Mage
Skilled with direct damage magic and throwing weapons the Shadow Mage can also turn their hand to skills such as illusion to make their getaway. The shadow mage makes an excellent assassin of both animals and people.

Bows, enchanted bows and small one handed weapons are the Scout’s weapons of choice with concealment and vision enhancement making it an excellent hit and run fighter. Should they need to close in for the kill the Scout’s shield skill provides it with some survivability.

Bows, throwing weapons and small one-handed weapons are the tools of choice for this class. The Miscreant can also use curses, illusion and conjuration to trick and fool their opponent, truly a class for the most malevolent of players.