Sony MDR-V300 headphones

Best Buy is evil.

I went to buy Spirited Away and wandered past the headphone display. Now, I have some cheapo headphones I use at work to try to block out the chaos, but after a while they hurt my ears and I have to take them off (they sorta hang on my ears..not buds, but no band either).

Well, to make a long story short, $50 later I walk out with a set of Sony MDR-V300 headphones. These come in a traditional format. Full ear cups, band goes over the top of my head, rather than the oh-so-trendy round the back thing that bugs the bejesus out of me.

And..oh my! These things are wonderful! I’m no audiophile so maybe the sound is shite, but it sure sounds better than my old ones. They’re also very comfortable and do a great job of blocking out the incessant nattering of my co-workers. Sound is crisp and very clear; listening to an old favorite live soundtrack (CSNY 4-Way Street) I’m hearing little details I never noticed before.

Here’s an Epinions review page to back me up a bit. They got 4 stars based on 12 reviews, and the lowest price they show is $35.

I’m groovin now!