Eternal Darkness fini

Well, I finally finished Eternal Darkness, 9 or 10 months after starting it. Of course, I took an 8 month break in the middle of it. I don’t recall what distracted me from it, but it was a distraction, and not disappointment with the game, because start to finish, this was a great experience. ED has a great soundtrack, very good voice acting, a nice creepy plot, a huge variety of environments to play in, and a sweet mix of puzzle solving and combat and of course, the ‘insanity’ hook. The very end dragged a tiny bit, but I’m not sure if that wasn’t just because I knew it was the end and I was anxious to finish.

At the end [gameplay spoiler warning] you get to play, briefly, half a dozen of the characters you’d played earlier, in rapid succession. This really brought home to me how different each one was. Not just chronolgically, but how they were modelled and especially how they moved. Younger characters were lithe and fluid in their movements, while the portly old men were stiff and clumsy. Little details like that are what made Eternal Darkness special.

Not for the kids, but a great horror game (real horror, not gore-fest ‘Resident Evil’ horror) for everyone else.