More on AC2

I decided to give Asheron’s Call 2 yet another try tonight, for reasons having nothing to do with the game, really. Just needed a hassle-free escape, and it was installed and ready to go.

Anyway, I’m surprised to say, I really had fun. I started a brand new character and managed to make him not-horrible (recipe: spikey anime hair, kinda blueish, no facial hair, and thinned down enough to kill that puffed out chest look). He isn’t really my style, but at least I don’t cringe while playing him.

Turns out they’ve added a lot of low level content. More quests, and, get this, NPC’s to give them to you. The fact that Turbine is adding NPCs after swearing they wouldn’t is actually encouraging to me. It means they’re willing to say “OK, we screwed up on that one.” and take steps to fix it.

In a millisecond of introspection (where the hell did *that* come from?) I realized that doing quests for some NPC was somehow more fulfilling for me than doing them because I found a sign that told me about them or however you used to get them. When the Miller of Kehan (?) tells me a tale of woe about drudges wrecking her windmill, by gum, I want to help the lass fix it up! It isn’t about experience, or learning game mechanics…it’s about helping a damsel in distress! Heck, that’s what us Dragonchasers are here for!

G’head, look at me funny, I don’t care. They’re ROLE-PLAYING games, remember?

Well anyway, in addition to quests, I even found some magical treats. A smoldering sword that does fire damage and an ice sapling bow, or some such, that slows the enemy via freezing. Another good move on Turbine’s part. Give the newbies some fun toys, too!

My account is free until the 14th, and I’m thinking I’ll give this a bit of attention, unless someone sucks me into Shadowbane.