ED shifts gears

Well, there I was, breezing along, loving life as I unravelled the puzzles behind why this Darkness is Eternal and what the heck am I supposed to do about it anyway, when BAM! it turned into a combat-based game. Honestly, I preferred having to find gold necklaces to make stone statues happy and would’ve been pleased if the game kept on that track.

Not that this new phase is bad…it’s just different. By now I have an arsenal of spells and so have few worries about dying or going mad unless I’m up against a boss. This means boldly striding through the levels whereas I used to timidly creep, cringing at every pebble tumbling down an incline, every floorboard squeaking.

I did resort to a walkthrough at one point (ok, a few points) when I returned to the game, since after 6 months I’d basically forgotten what I had the capacity to do, and in doing so noticed how many chapters there were, so I know the end is near…I’m just hoping that it doesn’t totally spike up in difficulty at the very end.