Ack, it’s been a week since my last confes.. last update. Better bring things up to date.

I was sick last Friday and over the weekend, so not much happened worth talking about. At the same time, we were moving our servers from one data center to another, and since I was home sick when the move happened, things did not go well. I came in to work on Monday to find that one site had been down all weekend, search wasn’t working on the other, and two servers hadn’t been reconfigured.

Suffice to say, work’s been fairly hellish this week. 🙂

But, next week, I’m on vacation! Not going anywhere special, but still, a chance to chill out is very welcome.

Game-wise, I’ve been renting a bunch of games from Blockbuster, though none worth noting. I became obsessed with Warcraft III and played through the campaign of that. It’s a tribute to the game that when I was done, I still wanted more. And now, this week, I’ve started a new character in Dark Age of Camelot… a highlander mercenary on the Nimue server.

Suddenly, I’m enchanted again.

So that brings us up to date. Oh, I’ve gone back to reading that D&D book, The Ice Crystal or The Enchanted Crystal or The Enchanted Ice or whatever it is… I needed something to read that wouldn’t keep me up at night, and this is doing the trick quite nicely. Got Parke Goodwin’s Robin and the King on deck, though!