OK, I’ve been nagged about a lack of blog entries, and as per the comment from the g/f below, I’ll have to admit that I’ve been addicted to G4TV, the new ‘gaming channel.’

It’s a really strange mix, this channel. Sometimes, I cringe, fearing someone will come in and see me watching this channel designed for 5 year olds. Other times, it gets hip to the fact that there are a ton of gamers in their late teens and beyond.

As best I can figure, they have two writers. One of them is a girl of about 19 (Tina Wood, I believe), and the shows she writes are pretty ok. The other shows are written by some faceless fellow (Tina is actually the host of one of the shows, too, which is how I know how old she is) and he’s really bad. Lots of jokes so corny they make your stomach lurch, lots of over-active hosts, as if the writer though the games were just a gimmick to get people to watch the host.

But what makes it all worth watching is tons of video footage of the games in action. After watching G4 for a weekend, reading a review and looking at screenshots ain’t going to cut it no more…