Lord of the Rings

I finally finished LotR last night. Whenever I read the trilogy, finishing it becomes something of a relief, since somewhere about 2/3’s of the way into The Two Tower I become a total slave to it. That’s where Tolkein grips me to a point where it starts interfering with my sleep cycle. The first time through, iirc, I skipped school to finish it!

I went to sleep dreaming dreams of What Comes Next. Even though we’re treated to a fairly long ‘post-quest’ bit of reading, it still seems that there is much to do, especially in the land of Gondor.

Now its on to Perdido Street Station, which was recommended by Sarazin a few posts below this one. Hopefully it won’t take me as long to read it as it did LotR, which I started right after seeing the movie (so, December-ish?). Most of the time between then and now was spent on the Fellowship. I’d put it down for weeks at a time. I really need to set aside more time for reading novels… I’ve gotten into the habit of being online so much that I spend almost no time with a book in my hands. I used to read for a good hour before bed every night, but now by the time I get my head down I’m so fagged I fall asleep almost immediately. I need to start rebuilding some Good Habits; reading a novel is like listening to music… it recharges your imagination, and mine is in need of recharging.