Morrowind Tutorial

Bah, another blessed weekend fades into the past and its time to descend back into the firey pits of hell (aka work). I’m quite sure I was meant to be born a trust fund kid… but anyway…

Spent most of today shoveling out my hovel, but I did sneak some time to work through a great tutorial on using the Morrowind Construction Set. For the first time, I started to concentrate on WHAT I was building rather than HOW to work the editor. I think I could get used to this editor, though I still wish Morrowind was prettier. Mind you, its got great graphics, but they’re great graphics of a bleak and grim land. That, and IMO the humanoid models are homely as hell.

I like the look of Dungeon Siege a lot more, but until the next release of the Siege Editor I’ve put that on hold. Also on hold is the NWN editor, until the game comes out.

Of course at this point, its all moot because I don’t have a story to tell yet… still, practice with the tools can’t be a bad thing.