What a long, stupid day. I took the day off from work so I could get going on a few projects I’ve been meaning to do. Woke up, plopped on the couch and there I stayed for most of the day. I watched a lot of tv, putzed around with some console games, read a lot of email and surfed around pointlessly. The Other Half said this was all a Good Thing as I’ve been totally exhausted and stressed from work lately. But I can’t help thinking I wasted an entire day…

I did log into Camelot for the first time in a few weeks. Worked on my Hunter a bit, killing fire flowers in Muspelheim. Died twice… careless once, and bad random numbers the other time. It all felt rather pointless though… it felt like random numbers. For some reason, the adventure has gone out of Camelot for me. Well, the game owned me for 6 months, so maybe this is a good thing.

Still, my heart yearns for some bold new adventure… I’m still slogging my way through LotR and, as much as I’m enjoying it, it isn’t the same as when I first read it. I’m much less wide-eyed and innocent now than I was then, I suppose.

I need something, though… a really good RPG (been looking for one since we finished FFX) or a really good book series or just a great movie. Some kind of fantastical adventurous escape to heal my raw soul… and maybe to coax my muse back from wherever she’s run off to.