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What will the video games of 2025 be like? This is a pretty old article but still kinda fun. Game developers musing about what future games will be like…

Boing Boing: Nintendo to sue SuicideGirls? Funny stuff. Some guy listed Zelda as his favorite videogame and Nintendo is claiming its a violation of their IP…

Sony sets $186 price on PSP in Japan Holy smokes! Look out Nintendo!! I’d heard prices as high as $350….this is a bargain!

The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > For an Inventor, IM Opens a Window to a World of Games Um, AOL had the first chat rooms? I don’t think so… Otherwise, pretty neat project this dude is working on…

Ads insinuated into video games I read about this in WSJ a few days ago but couldn’t link to it. Glad to be able to share it now. Needless to say, I think this whole idea of streaming ads into a game I paid for pretty much sucks…

Toshiba moving to new-format DVDs The next-gen DVD wars are heating up! I still think if Sony puts Blu-Ray players in PS 3 it’ll be a great ‘viral’ way of establishing the technology.

Don’t fool with Swedish Girls of Gaming Its like the Swedish Bikini Team for game geeks!!

Good lord, what’s the world coming to? I actually finished a book for the first time in about 12 years. It was Jennifer Fallon’s The Lion of Senet and it was quite good, after a bit of a slow start. It’s a relatively traditional fantasy, though its clear that the […]

I wanted to promote a company I’m really liking… The Teaching Company is a firm that takes college professors and records their lectures, then sells them in a variety of formats. So far all my experience is in the audio CD formats. The base price is kind of a lot […]

X Prize evolves into annual competition Yesterday while my attention was elsewhere, SpaceShipOne won the X-Prize! But the excitement isn’t going to stop, it seems, as there’ll be future X-Prizes to win!