Black 9 (PC, PS2, XBox)

From Taldren (y’know, the folks behind the Star Trek: Starfleet Command games) comes Black 9. Ready for the gak? Here ’tis:
In 2080, the world is dominated by nine squabbling Illuminati factions — the player takes on the role of a mercenary bouncing between the employ of these various interests. Aside from wits and skill, new weapons, items, and cybernetic upgrades are available to open up new capabilities as tasks grow more difficult and complex.

Why’m I watching this one? The holy words “System Shock” were invoked in one of the previews I read. The developers (profiled on G4’s Pulse) call it an action/rpg, emphasis on the action. We’ll see, but it definitely has potential.

Official site
IGN’s PS2 preview
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P.N.03 (Cube)

New title headed our way for the Gamecube (initially) from Capcom. Here’s the official marketing gak:

P.N.03 is an action game starring a female soldier named Vanessa Z.Schneider, a laser-gun wielding, mech killer with a grudge to settle. A colonial settlement turns into a killing field after a CAMS (Computer Arms Management System) goes haywire on a planet. Vanessa hires herself out as a freelance mercenary who kills robots upon her client�s request � no questions asked. But, she has a dark past: CAMS killed her family and her plan is to get even. Players must dodge and weave through the heavy barrage of firepower on the planet while trying to blast the technologicalterrors into scrap metal.

Blah blah blah. But what’s sorta interesting is the style of our protagonist. She kindof dances her way through the game, doing all kinds of slick moves as she offs robots left and right. Kind of a feminine version of Dante in a way.

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