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— December 9th, 2016 Archive —

Copied from a 9/23/16 Facebook post: Tonight’s Star Trek episode was Mudd’s Women (Season 1, Episode 6). The first kind of light-hearted episode of the series and maybe the first ever mention of mail-order brides. I’m sure this episode is horribly offensive by today’s standard (Harcourt Fenton Mudd is selling […]

Last summer I started re-watching Star Trek. I’ve seen all these episodes dozens of times, both when it was airing (though I was very young) and in countless re-runs (which are always edited since there are so many more ads today than there were in the 60s), but I’ve never […]

A quick recap of my Thursday night adventures in No Man’s Sky. I spent most of the night continuing the base building line of ‘quests’ and of course I wound up moving my base AGAIN. LOL