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I got a notice today that my 60 day time card for Warhammer has run out, and my account is now closed. My reaction, frankly, was a huge sigh of relief. No more guilt over not playing a game I’d paid for a subscription to. Followed by a touch of […]

Last night I finally finished Steven Savile’s Vampire Wars: The Von Carstein Trilogy. This is another Warhammer novel, taking place long before Gotrek & Felix roamed the world. I’d really enjoyed William King’s Vampireslayer and so was looking forward to learning more about the vampire legacy in the world of […]

Today Mythic announced “Call to Arms” which they’re dubbing a “Live Expansion”. Whatever that means. Details here, but what intrigues me most is the new dungeon called Land of the Dead, which is supposed to be similar to the mucho-fun “Darkness Falls” dungeon in DAoC. Sorry so brief, but I’m […]

Another wacky video from Paul Barnett. He teases multiple items in a mail, suggests that zone crashes are virtually abolished, and talks about “Zone Domination” in which the method by which you’d capture a zone would be “less rubbish.” Probably too late for me, but good to see they continue […]

I haven’t gone back to check, but I think in my Warhammer posts I alternate liking the game and griping about the game. Maybe it’s because I have fun in one session and it raises my expectations for the next one and then I get disappointed, so have low expectations […]

The snow was coming down and we’d finished all the chores we’d set out to do this week, so today was a perfect “Stay home and play games” day. I started in EQ2 where Riowa ran that silly ice-instance *four* more times, twice each with two of Angela’s characters (one […]

So lest you think all this Valkyria Chronicles talk means I’ve given up MMOs… The other day I logged into Warhammer and *gasp!* found a group, finished a few quests, and gained a level. That said, I think I’m done. I have to work too hard to find the fun […]

Giantslayer is the last Gotrek & Felix book written by William King before he handed off the series to Nathan Long. Reports are that Long really stumbles with our mighty duo of Gotrek the Dwarf Slayer and Felix the Warrior-Scholar, but sadly I found that King did some stumbling of […]

Maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to go back… I re-upped, patched, and spent some time reconfiguring things (my UI seemed to have gotten reset to default) and started playing again. And I just dunno… all the rough bits still feel rough. I do my Blessed Bullets […]

Ahhh. Feel that? It’s normalcy. Today is a normal day (well, quasi-normal anyway). Which means a lunch break. Which means pontificating! So Angela is gone for the weekend and a major snow storm is rolling in. That means lots of potential gaming time. Next week I have 3 days of […]