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For the past two evenings I’ve been wallowing in strategy game nostalgia with Eador: Genesis. This is an older game, originally published in 2009 by Ukrainian developers Snowbird Studios. An English translated version hit GOG.com last week at a bargain price of $6.00. If you have fond memories of Master […]

This is one of those “Git offa my lawn!” old codger posts. Be warned! We’re moving soon. And so this weekend I was packing things, which meant digging through the closet. And in doing so I found a cache of old PC games. At some point I’d taken them out […]

Just a really quick post before bed. Playing EVE and STO has me thinking a lot about space battles. I’m still looking for a Honor Harrington space combat simulation, y’know? I just came across Flotilla from BlendoGames, an Indie game dev. I have *not* played the game yet. But based […]

Tilted Mill’s Mosby’s Confederacy has been released on Steam for $20. Man, it’s killing me that I don’t have the time or money to jump right into it. I really enjoyed Tilted Mill’s Hinterland and am currently really enjoying their browser-based Nile Online. Plus they’re a local developer…hard at work […]

And now for something completely different… Tilted Mill, the folks who made the rather enjoyable Hinterland that I’ve previously posted about, have a broswer-based city-building game now in beta, Nile Online. I’ve been playing it for a week or so now. At first I thought it was really interesting. Then […]

No, I’m not talking WoW here… 🙂 I’m talking about the new strategy/rpg game from Tilted Mill Entertainment, Hinterland. It came out today, on Steam, for $20. I decided to check it out, partly because I enjoy both strategy and RPGs, but mostly because Tilted Mill’s offices are local, and […]

Some of my friends and I have ‘discovered’ a fun web site, Conquer Club. (Full disclosure: that link contains a referral tag…if you follow it and sign up as a paid member of the site, I get a free month.) The site is built around a web-based version of the […]