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This post is based on intuition and feelings. I’m feeling pretty confident that I’m right but I have neither the time nor the energy to dig up citations. So consider it a rant. I can’t help escape the feeling that gaming (whatever you imagine gaming as an entity to be) […]

In the past two weeks I’ve had two go-rounds with the tech support departments of two MMO companies, and both leave much to be desired. Case 1: Turbine On Sunday, December 6th, I tried to log a particular character into LOTRO and found that I could not. I got a […]

Full disclosure: I own a Sony PS3 (and an Xbox 360, and a Nintendo Wii, and a PC, and a Mac). Call me a fanboy if you will. Today Syp put up a mocking post about Papa John’s Pizza getting a link on the PS3′s web browser’s default home page. […]

So yeah, I’m not yet able to let this go. Since last night my irritation with the whole situation continues to grow. However I feel myself become less irritated with Cryptic, and more and more irritated with the blogging and forum-using community. Here is the situation: I spent $5 for […]

OK so I’ve tried to leave the negative attitude at the door, but the pressure’s building up inside of me and I’m going to blow my top if I don’t rant soon. So here goes!!! Why can’t people just accept MMORPGs as a defined genre and stop trying to change […]

So Angela and I have a subscription to Beckett Massive Online Gamer. Now before I don my Cape of Self-Righteous Ranting +2, I have to be totally upfront. We mostly subscribe because Stargrace writes for them, and secondarily for the free item codes they publish for various games (though rarely […]

So let’s talk about all the weirdness going on with Champions Online. Let me preface by saying that until a few weeks ago, I was pretty sure I’d be playing Champions Online on launch day. But then Cryptic started making really strange decisions. First, they tied early-start to a specific […]

I think I have the nesting correct in that headline. So the saga so far: An anonymous game designer who goes by the handle ‘Wolfshead’ posted a fairly scathing critique of the first 15 minutes of EQ2. Tipa rebutted his post. And Wolfshead rebutted her rebuttal. I was posted a […]

So today Neil Gaiman wrote a post called Entitlement issues… in which he answers a reader’s question about whether or not it is realistic for that reader to feel let down [an odd way to phrase things, but I'm just using that readers' words] by the slow progress that George […]

Sorry for the radio silence so far this week. I worked until about 10 pm on Monday, and 11 pm on Tuesday, and it hasn’t left much time for twittering, blogging (reading OR writing) or gaming. The bright side is that my wrist is feeling better. I played so much […]