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This is one of those navel gazing posts that no one will really care about but six months from now *I’ll* read it and laugh at my own weirdness. I have a stormy relationship with MMOs. I love them right up until I hate them, at which point I quit […]

This post is based on intuition and feelings. I’m feeling pretty confident that I’m right but I have neither the time nor the energy to dig up citations. So consider it a rant. I can’t help escape the feeling that gaming (whatever you imagine gaming as an entity to be) […]

In the past two weeks I’ve had two go-rounds with the tech support departments of two MMO companies, and both leave much to be desired. Case 1: Turbine On Sunday, December 6th, I tried to log a particular character into LOTRO and found that I could not. I got a […]

Full disclosure: I own a Sony PS3 (and an Xbox 360, and a Nintendo Wii, and a PC, and a Mac). Call me a fanboy if you will. Today Syp put up a mocking post about Papa John’s Pizza getting a link on the PS3’s web browser’s default home page. […]

So yeah, I’m not yet able to let this go. Since last night my irritation with the whole situation continues to grow. However I feel myself become less irritated with Cryptic, and more and more irritated with the blogging and forum-using community. Here is the situation: I spent $5 for […]

OK so I’ve tried to leave the negative attitude at the door, but the pressure’s building up inside of me and I’m going to blow my top if I don’t rant soon. So here goes!!! Why can’t people just accept MMORPGs as a defined genre and stop trying to change […]

So Angela and I have a subscription to Beckett Massive Online Gamer. Now before I don my Cape of Self-Righteous Ranting +2, I have to be totally upfront. We mostly subscribe because Stargrace writes for them, and secondarily for the free item codes they publish for various games (though rarely […]

So let’s talk about all the weirdness going on with Champions Online. Let me preface by saying that until a few weeks ago, I was pretty sure I’d be playing Champions Online on launch day. But then Cryptic started making really strange decisions. First, they tied early-start to a specific […]

I think I have the nesting correct in that headline. 🙂 So the saga so far: An anonymous game designer who goes by the handle ‘Wolfshead’ posted a fairly scathing critique of the first 15 minutes of EQ2. Tipa rebutted his post. And Wolfshead rebutted her rebuttal. I was posted […]

So today Neil Gaiman wrote a post called Entitlement issues… in which he answers a reader’s question about whether or not it is realistic for that reader to feel let down [an odd way to phrase things, but I’m just using that readers’ words] by the slow progress that George […]