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A lot of gamers, myself included, have a dim view of motion controls in gaming, and with good reason. The Nintendo Wii shipped with Wii Sports and those games were pretty fun for a while, but the motions needed were very artificial. Sure people did Wii Bowling by stepping up […]

So this is confusing to me. Over at the Playstation Blog, Sony and Media Molecule have announced LittleBigPlanet Karting. Yup, it’s time to put Sackboy into a go-kart, and of course the game lets you customize karts, create tracks and all that jazz. But…isn’t that what Mod Nation Racers is […]

Sony just put up a new Starhawk post on the Playstation Blog that talks about the ways of playing Starhawk with other people. The game had a split-screen option that lets each player log into his or her Playstation account: Dual Log-In: Yes, two players can sign into on one […]

I finished Journey last night. It sounds kind of funny to say that, as if it were some kind of accomplishment when it really isn’t. Journey is a very short, very easy game. I think my playthrough was about 3 hours. Certainly not more than 4, and I finished the […]

Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter: Alliance hit the Playstation Store on Tuesday. It was exactly the kind of game I needed. I’ve been really itching for an action-RPG dungeon crawler and although a bunch are headed our way (Daggerdale, LOTR: War in the North, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge and Dungeon Siege III, […]

In the run-up to E3 I was pretty excited to see what Sony was going to show with regard to Move, their new Wii-like motion controller. At the end of E3 I was asking myself “Why was I ever excited about that product?” The offers on display were pretty mediocre. […]

This made me chuckle. Look, I know there was immediate internet hate directed at Sony when they announced the Move. *waves hand dismissively* Whatever dudes, let’s wait until we see release hardware and software before we decide. I’m not a huge fan of “waggle” gameplay, but I am a huge […]

Playstation blog has a post up with a couple of videos of this retro celebratory May 11th release. “All your childhood on a single disk.” as Atlus’s Aram Jabbari says. Well, he says something close to that anyway. I love Atlus PR’s sense of humor. Heck I just kinda love […]

I just finished my first play-through of Heavy Rain and wanted to capture some thoughts while they were still fresh in my mind. My inner cynic really wants to tear the game apart. The controls are clunky in that survival-horror kind of way (not that the game is survival horror, […]

This afternoon I finished Brutal Legend’s single player campaign, and figured that was enough to do a review. By now you undoubtedly know the background. Tim Schafer game, voiced by Jack Black and a bunch of great heavy metal musicians. The game world is like a death metal album cover […]