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So another PAX East has come and gone. I wrote up daily ‘reports’ on the show over on Google+. Some of them were written under the influence of too much good beer with good friends, and none of them are particularly noteworthy or in-depth. I went to PAX purely as […]

Ubisoft just sent out a press release detailing their plans for PAX East, coming up in Boston on the weekend of April 6-8th. Thank you Easter Bunny! Fanatical Dedicated Far Cry 3 fans can get a (permanent) tattoo on the show floor, choosing from several tribal designs inspired by the […]

The sun came out in Boston this morning, both literally and figuratively. All of my frustrations from yesterday kind of melted away. I found out that the lines I was bitching about yesterday were only really bad for 1 particular theater, and that was because the people running the convention […]

So I guess day 1 of PAX is over for me. I’m back in our hotel room, rolling around the idea of prowling the halls to see what late night PAX is like, but while the mind is willing the flesh is weak and the idea of putting my shoes […]

OK, it’s time to turn the tone of the blog around once again. PAX East #2 starts on Friday and against all odds, we’re going. I’d all but written it off this year what with everything happening with my mom. Once she passed I thought funeral plans would conflict with […]

PAX East is almost here and strangers from around the globe are looking for ways to meet up face to face. If you’re a morning person, Sypster is arranging a Blogger’s Breakfast. If you’re more into the evening bar scene, Scopique, Adarel and I are trying to pull together a […]