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I’ve been pretty down on Kickstarter lately, at least as a game-funding service. Most of my ire revolves around games that change from what is stated when you pledge to what eventually gets made, and much of that change is driven my stretch goals. At least that is what my […]

This is gonna be quick since I’m at work, but time is of the essence! Gravitaz only has about 24 hours to go in their Kickstarter campaign and they’re short of their goal. They need a push from fans of futuristic combat racing! Here’s a press release they sent out […]

I’ve mentioned Kickstarter project Gravitaz a few times now and I’ve formed kind of an emotional bond with the team. That’s one of the awesome aspects of Kickstarter, I think. You get (ideally) frequent updates from the developers and you’re along for the ride, cheering them on when things go […]

A couple weeks ago I posted about Gravitaz, a Kickstarter project from Glass Bottom Games. Gravitaz is a futuristic combat racer for PC/Mac/Linux. Today Glass Bottom Games and Logitech announced a new promotion. If you pledge at the new $65 level you’ll get not only a copy of Gravitz but […]

Here’s the latest project to coax me to click that seductive “Pledge” button over at Kickstarter: Gravitaz. This is a near-future racing game similar to Wipeout. Of course, if you’re not a Playstation person you might not know what Wipeout is, but I think the early gameplay in the video […]

I tell you what, I have no idea how long this Kickstarter Nantucket Sleighride will last but I hope it never ends. All of a sudden all the games I’m most excited about are either Legend of Grimrock or a Kickstarter project! It’s really exciting to me, to be able […]

So speaking of Kickstarter… I’m backing a few projects that haven’t yet met their goals. Figured I’d share them here in case they seem interesting to anyone else: The first one is the one I’m most hesitant about: Class of Heroes 2 Deluxe for the PSP. This is a collaboration […]

FTL, the indie spaceship simulation rogue-like, finished their Kickstarter drive today. They were hoping to raise $10,000 to help finish the game. They barely squeaked by, finishing up at $200,542. This is a game being made by a team so tiny they don’t even have a company name. It’s just […]

I’m a supporter of inXile Entertainment’s Kickstarter fund to get Wasteland 2 made. I remember Interplay when Brian Fargo was running the show. I remember playing games like The Bard’s Tale and Stonekeep and yes, Wasteland. I contributed $75 — more than I’d pay for a finished game — because […]

Brian Fargo is at it again, making us smile as we cheerfully hand-over a bit of cash to help him make a game we’re looking forward to. I’m proud to support Wasteland 2 via Kickstarter, (that sounds corny but I’m totally serious) and I’m really impressed by Fargo’s new KickingItForward […]