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Today TechCrunch posted a really stupid article called Why Iím Craigslisting My iPads. It isn’t timely (we saw many similar articles in April) and the author clearly had no idea what an iPad was when he bought it. Basically he was looking for a laptop replacement, and the iPad isn’t […]

So I bought an iPad back in April. I believe tomorrow is my 2 month iPad anniversary. I love the thing. In principal I hate how closed iTunes is, but in practice I never find myself longing for something I can’t get. Basically I focus on what the iPad can […]

[At the time of this writing, GodFinger for iPhone/iPod Touch is available in some places but not others. You can find out if it’s available at your app store here.] GodFinger is an odd mash-up of casual game, Populous and a splash of social gaming. The idea here is that […]

So I’ve been playing We Rule on the iPad (also for iPhone/iPod Touch) for a little while now. It’s definitely one of those social games that draw so much ire, but as I’ve said previously I don’t find these games nearly as annoying when they’re not spamming me and my […]

“Gather your friends and enter the ever expanding massively-multiplayer RPG world of fantasy, mystery and magic.” Sounds good, right? That’s part of the description of Aurora Feint 3 (for the iPad) on the iTunes store. I couldn’t download it fast enough; that description was right up my ally. And, it […]

In the past I’ve been very critical of Social Games. I don’t like them because they’re spammy. I don’t like them because they’re hardly games. And I don’t like them because they’re scammy. But recently I’ve been coming around. It turns out the truth is more that I don’t like […]

My work weeks are hectic these days, so even though I bought my iPad last Monday, I never got to put my feet up and spend an hour or two just *using* it until Friday night. But all weekend I’ve been using it a lot. I’ve now identified my likes […]

First I have to say, most of this post (I assume) applies to the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as the iPad. So today I had my first lover’s spat with the iPad. It was my fault, really. I keep falling into the trap of thinking of it like […]

You can catch up on my iPad journey here. It takes me through Monday morning. By that time I’d ordered an iPad online and was prepared to wait for the April 12th ship date. Then I got to work and my co-worker had his and was showing it off. It […]