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Did you know that much-reviled IGE was formed by former child-actor Brock Pierce? I sure didn’t. Wired has a lengthy article on how the company came to be. Get comfortable; this is clearly an article from the print mag moved to the web and it goes on for a while. […]

That’s what the front page of the Herald says. Assuming these copies are being bought at retail, that’s $424,450 USD in sales. EA must be having a good month. Or someone is stretching the truth. 8489 what? Accounts or characters? If they ban characters, then that could be a meaningless […]

So Mythic made a big fuss about how tough they were going to be on gold sellers and how they’ve made it “easier” to report them. Hmmm. From the Herald article, Reporting Spammers 101: Place the text the player sent you in the second window, which asks for details about […]

Two of the biggest issues that people are complaining about when it comes time to complain about Warhammer Online: 1) I always miss /tells because nothing draws my attention to them 2) Gold sellers keep sending me /tells and its seriously impacting my enjoyment of the game Does this seem […]

We’re getting a big Warhammer update. Highlights from the Herald: * Players no longer need to scroll down through the EUALA when logging into the game. The window now defaults to the bottom, and players need only check the Agreement box and click accept. * The war against the gold […]

As Stylish Corpse reports, gold sellers have hit Warhammer Online. I got a tell from two of them last night, from different web sites. This early on, they have legit-sounding names. And they aren’t spamming in general chat yet. They’re offering to sell you gold or to power-level your character. […]