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During and since E3 I’ve read and watched a bunch of previews for VR titles, often done with the developers of those titles. One of the best trends I’m seeing is that VR developers worry a lot about player comfort. They really don’t want their customers getting sick while playing […]

Pondering whether it’s my own foibles or the game designers who make the endings of games so unsatisfying to me.

What if games could invoke true emotions in players? Would that be a good thing? Lost Garden’s Dan Cook thinks so, but I’m not as sure.

I finished Portal 2 today. No spoilers, I promise. A lot of people have griped about the single player campaign being too short. I think, if anything, it was too long. I’m considering length of the campaign in a vacuum here, without regard to the $60 price tag. My determination […]

So yeah, The 3rd Birthday is already starting to gather dust. Why? It isn’t you, Aya. It’s me. I’ve discovered something about myself; I don’t want game developers challenging me. Now wait! Hear me out. I don’t want them challenging me…I want them to give me ways to challenge myself. […]

Once more into the breach, my friends… In my last post I talked about Rift and groups and solo play. An interesting theme seemed to arise from some of the comments, and one that I found curious. Today I want to talk about player choice and game design. I’m going […]

So I’m about 16 hours into my current game, with enough in other characters that I can probably safely say I’ve put 20 hours into Dragon Age: Origins so far. I’m growing ever more sure that this is my personal Game of The Year, which frankly surprises me given how […]

I guess the Bioware/EA press juggernaut took a week off to catch their breath. But they’re back and this time a decent video of the combat system in Dragon Age. Clearly the people being filmed expect you to be watching this before you play, so there’s a bit of redundancy […]

Syp at Bio Break did a post today declaring Torchlight to be a carbon copy of Fate, and he has a list of bullet points to prove it. And looking at his list, I can’t disagree with a single point. In some cases I’m taking Syp’s word on the fact […]

I argue with MMO bloggers a lot. Maybe I’m just old and set in my ways, but so much of what these youngsters say just rings so false to me… One topic to always get me embroiled in an all-day rasslin’ match is this concept that most MMO publishers are […]