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Just finished watching the live stream of the SOE Conference thingie from the Sony Fan Faire in Vegas. I didn’t take notes or anything, but here’s what stuck in my head: Free Realms has a new soccer minigame incoming, as well as full progression for the two driving games, along […]

Free Realms seems to be signing up people left and right; they announced yesterday that they’d reached 1 million registered users (note: not subscribers). And they’ve added another 2 servers, bringing the total to 10. We logged in at 10 am ET this morning, and all servers were already at […]

Free Realms is having a tough weekend. Yesterday the website (and the game has to be launched from a website) was up and down (or just really really slow) all day, and this morning I’m seeing the same issue. The geek in me wonders if it’s the game’s login servers […]

I’ve grumped a bit (both here and on Tesh’s blog) about the monthly subscription model that many MMOs adhere to, and which seem more and more outdated every month. The model seems so limiting. I (and others) have talked about alternatives such as buying bundles of minutes, paying for access […]

When you first start playing Free Realms, everything seems pretty straightforward. But after you’ve been playing a while you’ll start to notice little nuances that you might wish you’d picked up on earlier. Angela and I have been comparing notes and here’s a list of seven things you might not […]

I’m starting to smell a whiff of Free Realms backlash on Twitter and, to a lesser extent, around the blogosphere. Maybe I’m just trailing the crowd…I was late to become enthralled with the game so maybe I’ll be grumpy about it later than everyone else, too. Fact is, I’m still […]

So yeah, I’ve totally switched sides from dubious to a fan. The most complex part of Free Realms is reporting your level. I logged off at: Adventurer Level 2 Blacksmith Level 5 Brawler Level 2 Chef Level 8 Miner Level 6 Pet Trainer Level 8 And level 1 as Card […]

I spent a bit more time in Sony’s new kid-friendly MMO Free Realms this weekend. I came away pleasantly surprised, now that I’ve broken through the “tutorial missions for half a dozen jobs” barrier. Let me gripe first, so I can end on a high note. 🙂 Contrary to all […]

Free Realms seems to be the blog topic of the week, so since I don’t want to be left out, I thought I’d toss out some cranky thoughts about it. I played a bit in beta, and now I’ve played a bit in launch. I’m far from the intended audience […]