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GamesFirst seems to think frustrated SimCity players can be lured back to Fallen Earth.

By the standards we use to judge games today, Ultima Online, at launch, was a terrible game full of down time and grinding. Let me give you a recap in case you never played it. The land of Sosaria was mostly wilderness when the game launched. There were a handful […]

Over the weekend I was finally able to log back into Fallen Earth, thanks to my lame arm improving a bit and a change of keyboard (why it took me so long to think about changing keyboards, I do not know). It was nice to ease back into the apocalypse! […]

Regular readers may have noticed a distinct lack of posts about Fallen Earth and Champions Online recently. I just wanted to very briefly explain that I’m not posting because I’m not playing, but the reason I’m not playing has nothing to do with interest level in the games. I have […]

I finally got to log into Fallen Earth tonight, only to found South Berg was more or less deserted. I guess the hardcore gamers have all moved on to more challenging areas, and we casuals just don’t all log in on a weeknight. I loved it. I’m not being as […]

Crafting in Fallen Earth happens in real time. When you set up your crafting UI to make something, you get a display of how long it’ll take to make. Stuff I’m making now (crossbows, zip guns, clothing) generally takes 8-10 minutes to make. Once you start the process, you can […]

That’s my day 2, not the game’s day 2. Thursday we were out and about and I didn’t get a chance to play. But last night I played for 5-6 straight hours, which for me is a huge block of time. I rarely play an MMO for more than an […]

Today was the launch day for Fallen Earth pre-order customers. Which is kind of strange since I guess the game is now launching Sept. 22nd? So we get almost 13 days of Early Access. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. The launch hasn’t been perfect, but launches are such a […]