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And yet another video. I should be putting this stuff on my Tumblr blog-thing I guess. Scribblenauts is a pretty fun and crazy looking DS game coming out this September. I suspect two copies will quickly make it to this household, as both myself and Angela are really looking forward […]

So while we in NA slept, Nintendo had its press conference and announced the new Nintendo DSi. I’m sure at this point in the day, this is No Longer News to anyone reading this blog. But in case you just woke up or something, I am now blogging that Wired’s […]

I’ve decided that Etrian Odyssey II (for the Nintendo DS) is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s looks like it’ll be a long, long game and I’m not going to try to power through it. I have to confess I was getting a bit bored for a while, feeling like […]

A quick update on my progress through Etrian Odyssey II for the Nintendo DS. As advertised, the game can be a challenge. I’ve had more than a few total party wipes, which means Game Over. Actually one aspect where I think they missed out on some fun is forcing a […]

My initial, ‘gut-check’ reaction to the new turn-based RPG for the Nintendo DS.