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One of my gaming goals for this month is to finish the story mode of Diablo 3. I’m trying but my god is it a terrible game. Now before my Diablo 3 loving readers come gunning for me, I’m talking specifically about the story mode that you have to clear […]

Diablo 3 is still the most boring Diablo so far. Even when you manage to die it doesn’t really matter. Hopefully Adventure Mode is more fun.

The universe doesn’t want me to play Let It Die, Blizzard doesn’t want me to play Diablo 1 and Gollum keeps calling me mean names.

Even though I had a 3-day weekend thanks to the New Year, I didn’t do a ton of gaming this weekend. Instead I watched a lot of TV. Football for one thing, and after a long and idea-filled thread at Imzy, I started in on a new (to me) anime, […]

So Diablo 3 came and — for most gamers — went a few months ago. I dutifully pre-purchased the game but honestly I didn’t like it very much. I managed to get a Demon Hunter to level 17 and then moved on. I really felt like the game was dumbed […]

When Diablo 3 launched, I wasn’t a fan. I was hoping for a real sequel to Diablo II in more than just lore and the very broadest of brush strokes, but that’s not what Blizzard delivered and I found it hard to adjust. I was anticipating a game with endless […]

Runic Games is running a Torchlight 2 stress test this weekend and I was lucky enough to get an invite. I already have TL2 pre-ordered, mind you. I’ve been waiting for this game with the same kind of anticipation many of my friends have been waiting for Diablo 3. The […]

I’m in a really lousy mood today, and it’s all because of Diablo 3. Though it isn’t Diablo 3’s fault. Diablo 3, in case you didn’t know, is a video game. You’d be forgiven if you thought it was a cure for cancer or the key to world peace, because […]