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After reading Isey’s post, I was talking on Twitter about how this passage (which I had to trim down for Twitter) resonated with me: I know people are enjoying it and I admit that I am too – but the nagging thought that we have all been part of a […]

After my last post about being ‘stuck’ in Destiny 2 I watched this video: Towards the end the author talks about how to get unstuck: 1) Create a new character of the same class 2) Level it to 200 before doing the campaign 3) Swap all your best gear from […]

One of the things I wished for from Destiny 2 was more things for solo players to do. My wish was granted, I just need to be better about making wishes. I should have wished for more things to do AND a good reason to do them. You see, I’m […]

A couple of days ago I wrote a ‘damning with faint praise’ kind of post about Destiny 2, saying it was fine. At the time I was level 11 or 12 and working through the campaign. I still haven’t finished the campaign but I’m pretty close to the end, and […]

TLDR review of Destiny 2: If you loved Destiny 1 right up until the very end, you’ll probably love Destiny 2 as well. If, like me, you eventually grew bored of Destiny, there’s not much here to erase that stale feeling. It all feels very familiar. I got to level […]

Bungie’s Destiny 2 event reset my expectations for the game. No longer am I so firmly in the “I’m skipping Destiny 2 camp” since it seems that they are actually adding more content for us solo players. I am very surprised by this. It’s a pleasant surprise, though.