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I ended up spending most of the weekend in EQ2 with the significant other, but last night I jumped back into World of Warcraft. I was still running solo, taking my shaman from level 9 to 11. I’m not so used to Bloodmyst Isle that I can stack quests efficiently […]

Real quick because I’m running late for work. Mythic is shoving folks off of the Averheim server, where CoW was located. The new server for Casualties of War is Badlands. Important detail: Even if your account is inactive, you can transfer characters! I transferred my brood this morning, so when […]

I’m proud to share the fact that the Casualties of War leadership has signed The Averheim Declaration. This strikes a blow not only for Order in a role-play sense, but for quality OpenRvR for the server in general. It’s good news for everyone who plays on Averheim.

OK, I’ve added all the listed Casualties of War blogs to the blog roll here. Also a couple of Dairy-Free (ie, non-CoW) blogs that I had in the blogroll. The first category is simply the blogs of people in Casualties of War, without any real regard for topic. The second […]

Are you ready for the litany of excuses for why I haven’t been posting? Here goes. First, the Casualties of War forums have been going crazy and I’ve been trying my best to keep up with it and get to know some of the folks I’ll be waging WAR with […]