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It’s the first of May, which means it’s time for May Poles (are those still a thing?) and the time to celebrate Beltane for my pagan friends. But for bloggers and in particular wannabe bloggers, May 1st means the start of the New Blogger Initiative (NBI). So what is the […]

This week has been a challenge for me. I *really* want to be playing Fallen Earth, Champions, and the new EQ2 game update, but this thing with my arm continues to plague me. I logged in to Fallen Earth on launch day and lasted maybe 10 minutes before the ache […]

I hooked a striped bass that must’ve been 35 lbs if it was an ounce. I had it right along side the boat, net ready, when the line snapped…and there it went. It was huge though. One of the biggest stripers I’ve seen. Last time I saw a fish like […]

I didn’t really make a Decision to stop playing MMOs. It just kind of happened, mostly due to an economic crunch that has since eased. I keep thinking “Now I can afford a sub again!” and Angela would love me to rejoin her and our friends in EQ2, and I […]

/PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT I’m probably the last one to learn this but just in case…. Syp of Waaaaaaaaaagh fame (is that too many “a’s”?) has a non-Warhammer blog, Bio Break, where he talks about games beyond Warhammer. He must have started it after I stopped reading Waagh! and all the […]

Over in the right column you’ll see a new widget I just added: “Playing on PC”. (It’s the 4th chunk down as I write this, but I move stuff all the time.) That’s a widget that Tipa from West Karana coded to import data from XFire. Installation is a snap […]

Regular readers may have detected a change of tone around here lately. I hadn’t detected it until my last post, after which I scrolled back and saw a lot of ranting and a few brief news items. At which point I thought… “Yuck.” This might be a good time to […]

I find it interesting, and by that I mean sometimes fascinating, other times depressing, how MMO bloggers seem to travel in packs at times (and I’m pointing at myself just as much as at others). The past week or two, Runes of Magic seems to be the place to be. […]

It’s been a little over a week since I started my job blogging for ITWorld. Today I noticed my XFire Profile: “This Week: No Games Played” Huh. Now in all honesty this isn’t accurate because I’ve played 8 hours of Too Human on the XBox since I bought it last […]

A few people have asked, here and elsewhere, what this new freelance gig is, and I realize I was being unintentionally mysterious about it. Basically I wanted to get a couple of posts done before I shared much, just in case I totally botched something and made a fool of […]