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Copied from a 9/23/16 Facebook post: Tonight’s Star Trek episode was Mudd’s Women (Season 1, Episode 6). The first kind of light-hearted episode of the series and maybe the first ever mention of mail-order brides. I’m sure this episode is horribly offensive by today’s standard (Harcourt Fenton Mudd is selling […]

Last summer I started re-watching Star Trek. I’ve seen all these episodes dozens of times, both when it was airing (though I was very young) and in countless re-runs (which are always edited since there are so many more ads today than there were in the 60s), but I’ve never […]

Earlier this week Sony opened up Playstation Vue, its streaming TV service, to everyone in the US. This isn’t quite the full bundle that they offer in a few select markets (where they offer live network TV) but it’s also cheaper, starting at $30/month for 55+ channels (there are also […]

Most of us gamers hit YouTube when we’re scrounging for the latest trailers or what not, but now Hulu wants to get in on the action. They’ve just added a Videogames section to their service. In addition to trailers, they have content from Canada’s The Electric Playground and G4’s ExtendedPlay […]

This wasn’t uploaded by SyFy so we’ll see how long it lasts. The remade BSG was a big hit for SyFy but the more cerebral spin-off Caprica tanked. So the SyFy brain-trusts went back to blowing shit up for this new series. I believe it tells the story of Bill […]

[Overuse of colons intentional.] TellTale Games is making a game based on the TV show based on the comic The Walking Dead. Today they released this trailer, which tells us almost nothing about the game, but I can appreciate a good trailer even if I hold out very little hope […]

This is a short film making the rounds lately… I rather enjoyed it and I hope you will too. The Chase from Philippe Gamer on Vimeo.

Just in case you missed it, here’s the new trailer for the Tomb Raider game coming out in about 18 months (Fall 2012). Of course a great trailer doesn’t mean a great game, but with launch so far out I don’t think that matters yet. I’m just sharing this from […]

A long, long time ago, I covered TV here at Dragonchasers. Genre TV at least. I kind of gave it up because I’m a horrible TV reviewer…I just enjoy too many shows that others hate. Maybe I don’t take TV seriously enough, I dunno, but if its genre stuff, I […]

This post includes spoilers for the new V series, in particular the episode that aired on March 8th in the US. So in-between walks around the PAX show floor this weekend, and into yesterday evening, I’ve been watching the situation going on with Japan’s nuclear plants in the wake of […]