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Before The Witcher was a series of games, it was a series of great books/short stories. Well, at least the ones that were translated to English back when I was reading them were great. I need to go back and read the ones that have been translated since then. Anyway, […]

For the first time in maybe 45 years, I don’t have cable TV and I inexplicably feel a little sad about it. And there’s no logical reason for that.

Even though I had a 3-day weekend thanks to the New Year, I didn’t do a ton of gaming this weekend. Instead I watched a lot of TV. Football for one thing, and after a long and idea-filled thread at Imzy, I started in on a new (to me) anime, […]

Spent the weekend playing the same games I’ve been playing, so that’s boring. Let’s talk about movies and TV instead: Spectral, Colony and White Rabbit Project.

Zenimax rolled out an HDR patch for The Elder Scrolls Online. After a bit of tweaking I’m really enjoying it. Here’s what I had to change on my TV to get the picture looking its best.

Copied from a 9/23/16 Facebook post: Tonight’s Star Trek episode was Mudd’s Women (Season 1, Episode 6). The first kind of light-hearted episode of the series and maybe the first ever mention of mail-order brides. I’m sure this episode is horribly offensive by today’s standard (Harcourt Fenton Mudd is selling […]

Last summer I started re-watching Star Trek. I’ve seen all these episodes dozens of times, both when it was airing (though I was very young) and in countless re-runs (which are always edited since there are so many more ads today than there were in the 60s), but I’ve never […]

Earlier this week Sony opened up Playstation Vue, its streaming TV service, to everyone in the US. This isn’t quite the full bundle that they offer in a few select markets (where they offer live network TV) but it’s also cheaper, starting at $30/month for 55+ channels (there are also […]

Most of us gamers hit YouTube when we’re scrounging for the latest trailers or what not, but now Hulu wants to get in on the action. They’ve just added a Videogames section to their service. In addition to trailers, they have content from Canada’s The Electric Playground and G4’s ExtendedPlay […]

This wasn’t uploaded by SyFy so we’ll see how long it lasts. The remade BSG was a big hit for SyFy but the more cerebral spin-off Caprica tanked. So the SyFy brain-trusts went back to blowing shit up for this new series. I believe it tells the story of Bill […]