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This week Microsoft is holding its annual Build developer conference. Yesterday was the Windows Keynote and as has been true for the past few years, there was a segment on Hololens, Microsoft’s augmented reality headset. What was different about this year is that Microsoft has broadened its horizons some. While […]

Geek talk warning. Another frustrating tech problem stopped me dead in my tracks today. This time it was virtual machines managed by Vagrant.

I’m old enough to remember the first moon landing. What a time that was. Every kid wanted to be an astronaut. We drank Tang and ate Space Sticks and anything that was freeze dried. We built plastic models of the lunar module. It was the start of a bold new […]

Looking for a Linux guru to help me get a laptop’s Suspend function to work!

Vera Rubin died last month, and her obituary in the NY Times is a fascinating read, not just because of the great work she did in identifying the mysteries of dark matter in the universe, but because of the obstacles she had to overcome in order to even be given […]

This week I offended some ancient technology demi-god somehow, and I paid the price. It all started Wednesday when folks were talking about LOTRO. I was wondering if my old characters still existed so I fired up Steam and installed the game. When it finished installing through Steam I fired […]

Zenimax rolled out an HDR patch for The Elder Scrolls Online. After a bit of tweaking I’m really enjoying it. Here’s what I had to change on my TV to get the picture looking its best.

A couple of weeks ago I bought my first Android tablet, the Acer Iconia A500. This in spite of owning an iPad, which I love. So why a second tablet? Mostly curiosity, backed by the fact that I write a lot about Android tablets on my ITworld blog and I […]

OK listen, it sucks that some thieves stole your name, address and hashed passwords. I get that. Sony should be held accountable on some level, though I’d say the thieves more so. But I’m so SICK and TIRED of the professional game bloggers making everything look so much worse than […]

It’s Developer Appreciation Week! If you don’t know what that is, read up about it on ScaryBooster’s blog (he invented it, after all!) I like to think I always appreciate developers but maybe that’s just in my own head. I certainly do my fair share of bitching about games. Back […]