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The other day the devs of a free-to-play game I enjoy made a decision that I was pretty uncomfortable with. I’m not going to go into specifics because this isn’t a post about that specific situation. But as I sat there fuming about this asinine (in my mind anyway) decision, […]

[This post is an elaboration on a tweet I posted earlier today.] So the World Cup has started. For most of the rest of the world, where soccer/football is much more popular than it is here in the US, this is a big deal as it only happens once every […]

A few of my friends have been doing annual recap posts so I decided to get in on the fun. I’ve been so terrible at writing posts here this year…maybe this will start a new trend. 2013 was a good gaming year for me! When Sony and Microsoft announced their […]

This post is based on intuition and feelings. I’m feeling pretty confident that I’m right but I have neither the time nor the energy to dig up citations. So consider it a rant. I can’t help escape the feeling that gaming (whatever you imagine gaming as an entity to be) […]

Tonight’s plans got somewhat derailed by a bunch of excitement in the G+ community, and then I had to d/l a new patch for BG:EE, so I didn’t start playing until nearly 11. Traellan’s new friends want him to travel to some gods-forsaken place to investigate the metal shortage but […]

So a lot of ink has been spilled recently (how long until kids have no idea what that means?) over declining revenues in the gaming industry. I’m not an insider so I don’t know if this is all alarmist press or a real problem, but I do see a lot […]

Yesterday Bronte posted a comment asking whether I’d disappeared. It was in the context of my Mistobox post but it caused me to become aware of how infrequently I’ve been posting here recently. Now I take breaks from time to time but usually those breaks coincide with a break in […]

My very first Mistobox arrived today. What’s a Mistobox? It’s basically a gourmet coffee service. Every month they send you samples of four different artisan coffees from around the world. What’s an artisan coffee? Hell if I know; I’m just starting on the long journey of coffee snobbery. I just […]

So this is WAY off-topic, but I’m writing this post as a public service. A colonoscopy, if you don’t know, is a procedure where a doctor takes a look at the insides of your colon to check for cancer and other problems. The doctor does this by, well, sticking a […]

Friday night a contributor to gaming blog Destructoid asked some disparaging questions about Felicia Day. 24 hours later he was out of a job but has a ton more Twitter followers